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Automated Payment System (GAPs)

This is a payment solution designed to meet your needs while handling payments to different beneficiaries (Individuals / bulk) at a click of a button. These types of payments include salaries / wages, trade  / supplier payments, dividends, loans repayments / disbursements etc. With a single / multiple debit to your corporate account, payments will be made to single / multiple beneficiaries either via EFT, GTB (Free internal transfer) and RTGS using GAPs.


  • Immediate credit; to all beneficiary accounts held at the GTBank and the following working day for beneficiaries with accounts in other banks. These transfers can be done online in the comfort of your office premises.
  • Accurate processing; Beneficiary accounts are credited electronically thus eliminating errors associated with manual intervention.
  • Reduced Workload; Owing to bulk processing functionality one can upload all the payments as a single batch meaning time spent reconciling cheques is reduced and manpower can be used to do other work
  • Cash Handling Risk Eliminated; the need to transport and hold large amounts in cash for payment for various payments is done away with.
  • Send money from your GTBank account to one or more mobile accounts (Bank to Wallet)
  • Send money to foreign and local bank accounts
  • Make account enquiries
  • Upload vendor lists
  • Generate receipts for transactions
  • User friendly;¬†simple and easy to use.
  • Saves time and money when making your staff salary payments ie less administrative costs for pay packets.
  • Simple and efficient electronic payment product.
  • GTBank will install the software and train your process team on the usage.
  • Our IT and relationship team will give you support at no extra charge when needed.
  • Fast and effective service.
  • Free network banking access to your bank account and all other services from any branch.
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