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GTBank Business Loan

A GTBank business loan is an ideal solution for providing a capital boost with flexible repayments and interest options. The product can be utilized for financing purchases of machinery, motor vehicles, land and building (including renovation of premises), purchase of stock-in-trade, business restructure/market development amongst others.


The GTBank business loan is custom built to your business requirements, repayment ability and the type of security that you may wish to secure the loan with.


GTBank corporate banking facilities are provided by a seasoned team of relationship managers inspired to meet the demanding service standards of large corporations.


Essentially customer-focused, our business banking facilities have been structured to match not only the specific needs of our clients but also their individual risk profiles.


  • Overdraft Facilities
  • Designed to meet working capital requirements, our overdraft facilities are available in local and foreign currencies (GBP,USD and EURO).
  • Term Loans
  • Term loans are offered to customers who wish to fund new business lines, expand their existing business activities and acquire capital assets.
  • Bill Discounting
  • Our bill financing service covers both letter of credit-backed bill discounting and clean bill discounting. Both services are offered to our customers at exceptionally competitive rates.
  • Invoice Discounting
  • Our invoice discounting service is essentially a line of credit which is offered to customers who wish to have early access to the cash they are owed from services and products already rendered and invoiced for. The extension of such a line of credit is normally covered by the provision of acceptable tangible collateral.
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