Employee Value Proposition

We aspire to preserve superiority and excellence in the quality of work we do and look to align ourselves with those who embody such values. We actively seek out passionate and committed people who are extremely hardworking.

At Guaranty Trust Bank, we are committed to promoting a great organization that enjoys and thrives on healthy internal competition which ensures that we remain excellent and competitive in the industry.

From our unique people-centered HR policies and practices to a robust health insurance and wellbeing programme, we ensure that we encourage a stimulating environment guaranteed to drive high performance. Our mentoring programmes and capacity development initiatives provide a thrilling experience that inspires a culture of excellence.

Work Environment

Our work place is designed to nurture creativity and enhance team work as we continuously strive to meet the needs of a growing and constantly evolving business climate.

Life Outside Work

As a close-knit family, our interactions and engagement expands beyond the confines of the office. We offer recreational programmes designed to stimulate our employees, both mentally and physically.

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