The Smart Kids Save account is designed to enable parents/guardians save for their children
under 18 years of age, whilst also developing a savings culture in them. The product is
categorized into two: SKS (0 – 12 years) and SKS Teen (13 to under 18 years). SKS teen holders
qualify to be issued ATM cards upon parent’s/ward’s request. This will train the kids how to
manage finances at a young age while preparing them for adulthood.


  • A Children savings account for persons below 18 Years.
  • It is operated by the Parent / ward.
  • Zero opening and minimum balance
  • Zero monthly service fee
  • Unlimited withdrawals over the counter
  • Zero withdrawal charge over the counter
  • Interest rate of 3% per annum


  • Original National ID/Original Passport (only foreigners)

  • 2 Passport Photos for parent/Guardian and child

  • A child’s birth certificate/Birth notification Card