At Guaranty Trust Bank, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is fully integrated into our business model as strategy and provisions are made and approved by Management annually as with any other business area of the Bank.

Embedded in the Bank’s core values is a nurturing social conscience that compels us to seek the common good within the communities in which we operate. Proud to promote best practices in some of the least-developed parts of the world, we have sought to encourage community growth and social development on a sustainable basis.

Recognizing the broad spectrum of economic and social needs prevalent in Uganda and within the sub-region, our CSR agenda is equally comprehensive, encompassing:

  • Education
  • Community Development (Child/Maternal healthcare, Basic amenities supply)
  • The Arts
  • The Environment

Intrinsically, our CSR is aimed at improving the quality of life and promoting a sustainable environment in our host communities. Specifically, our programmes are designed to;

  • Enhance quality of healthcare
  • Increase availability and value of education
  • Promote learning opportunities for the vulnerable
  • Encourage enrolment of children in formal education
  • Create employment
  • Provide improved technology
  • Create wealth and income
  • Improve economy of community
  • Promote skills acquisition
  • Preserve Cultural heritage
  • Strengthen Community

Our programmes and projects are products of interaction with and needs assessment by relevant stakeholder groups in our host communities. Some of our major programmes include Adopt-a-School programme, Orange Ribbon Initiative and the GTBank Football Tournaments.

“Social Responsibility is a civic contribution not an obligation. Seek to make things better. Contribute to Society”. Orange Rule No. 7

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