About this Service

GTPay is an integrated and secure online gateway or platform to enable corporate clients such as hotels, airlines, churches, educational institutions, supermarkets etc accept payments on their websites. It is an internet-based solution that enables online payments using local as well as international cards such as MasterCard.

With this product, corporate customers can accept and receive payments for their services through their website from their own customers from anywhere in the world.

Features & Benefits

  • GTPay is instant: all transaction amounts are deducted from the user’s card instantly while the merchant’s account is credited immediately as well.
  • GTPay is internationally acceptable: payment done through this platform from anywhere in the world is accepted.
  • GTPay has a global reach: can be used for payments from anywhere in the world
  • It reduces costs and increases sales
  • Promotes cashless transactions in the economy.

How to Apply

GTPay is available for any merchants with or without website.

To sign on to GTPay, call: 

(+233 302) 50 4100 108 / 50 1409 490

Toll free: 0800 124 000

Email: gh.ebusinessmarketing@gtbank.com